When it’s right to be wrong

I like being wrong. Well, sometimes. Maybe I should say that I like being mistaken, rather than wrong.

We all judge. We look at other people and we slot them into categories and, with those categories, we judge them. Whether we mean to or not.

It’s particularly true when we look at older people. Those people we might dismiss as ‘past-it’ and with nothing interesting to say. No matter what their past life has been, they are now ‘old’ and we define them by that.

I recently found myself chatting to an ‘elderly lady’ who’d been to a concert and said that “in my opinion as a professional singer the sound was very poor.” She opened the door with her comment but it took some time and digging to find out that she was, in fact, really quite famous.

Walking my dog I often chat to my neighbour who is retired and has a small herd of sheep. He roams around the fields, sits in the sun and seems very content to do little. It was a surprise to find out he had been a former CEO of an international food business.

And if you consider this idea with regards to your professional self and how people see you, are you projecting the person you really are? Do they know who you are? What you can offer? Or are they simply judging the book by the cover?

Like we sometimes do, I judged the people I met. I labelled them as ‘old’ and didn’t look beyond that. My mistake. Those are the times that I like being wrong…well, mistaken.

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Photo by Andrej Lišakov on Unsplash

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