From ‘To Do’ to ‘Done’

How many times do you see a book promoted on a blog or website and think “I must read that” and then, seconds later, move on, never to download said book, let alone read it?

Books I’m thinking of reading. Apps I intend on using. Blogs I should follow. Podcasts I really must listen to. Jobs I want to apply for. The list goes on.

But it’s just that. A list. And as the list grows, it becomes more and more intimidating and we achieve less despite wanting to do more.

It’s easy to get distracted, but small steps can achieve big goals.

What’s stopping you taking one small step? Just pick one book to read or one blog to follow and do it. Apply for one job. Contact somebody to help you with your CV. Now. And then move on to the next.

You’ll be surprised how many ‘things to do’ turn into ‘things that are done’ when you take them one small step at a time.


Photo by cathryn lavery on unsplash

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