How can CV Therapy and Career Therapy help you?

After many years working in career development in the corporate world, I started my business to help people move forward with their careers.

Some clients are looking to explore ideas about what they could do next and where they could take their career because they are comfortable engaging in coaching and making the investment of time and, to be frank, money.

As they progress in their thinking, clients may come to needing a CV, but not always. Why not?

Because career therapy isn’t always about changing jobs.

Through coaching, having the space to explore their ideas, ambitions and options, clients often see a way forward in their current role or workplace. In such cases, it’s not about putting together a CV, but about creating a plan of action and developing a roadmap that will take them where they want to go.

Other clients come to me because they are looking to move jobs or feel that a ready, relevant CV is their ticket out of where they are. They are focused on their search and need practical help getting their CV to represent their skills, experience and capabilities. There’s coaching involved here too, but it’s more solutions-focused.

Having CV Therapy as a route into career coaching also works for those uncomfortable with ‘coaching’ as an idea, seeing it as too fluffy or, in many cases, too personal.

Clients can be wary of having to open up too much so, for them, a focus on the CV as a practical activity is a way to explore ideas in a safe way and this can often lead to career coaching.

Both approaches work and they arrive at the same destination, but the roads there are as different as my clients, so that’s why I offer both CV Therapy and Career Therapy.

Depending on how you want to get there, I can help you move forward in your professional life.

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