The power of passion

Passion. It’s not a word you’d necessarily associate with the world of work or being professional. Which is a shame.

Why? What does passion have to do with being happy at work or finding the right job? Well, a lot. A whole lot. When you have passion, you know what inspires and motivates you. And knowing that means you know your strengths. And knowing your strengths means you project confidence and capability.

See? Lots to do with being happy at work and finding the right job.

Passion is not a word you see often in job ads or on CVs but it’s there, in the subtext. If you have passion you have an edge. It’s more than enthusiasm.

Enthusiasm bounces around and can obscure the path ahead, but passion is honed and enduring. It’s powerful. It can take you places in life and in your career. 

You know passion when you see it in someone, even if you’re not sure what it is. It helps you make connections and it’s so attractive to other people – including recruiters, hiring managers, colleagues and leaders. They know you’ll go the extra mile, give your all and stay motivated. 

Do you know what your passion is? Do you know how to harness it to give you an edge?

Perhaps a session of Career + CV Therapy can help you identify it and show you just how powerful passion can be.

Photo by Randalyn Hill on Unsplash

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