Expert advice costs less than you think

Experts cost money. But there’s a reason why and that reason is that they have knowledge, skills and experience. It’s why you hire them to help you.
You aren’t just investing in one hour of their time. You’re investing in one hour and getting their professional insight and decades of experience thrown in for free.

Whilst they may initially seem expensive, they can move you forward, in the right way and in a fraction of the time it might take you and with better results. Like a an expert to help you with your CV.

It’s not just about the financial cost, but about the value from working with a professional who can ‘sell’ your services through your CV.

It can take just 2-3 hours to put together a good CV, which is a relatively small price for unlocking the door to your future career success. But I would say that, wouldn’t I?

But don’t take it from me, one recent client said:

“Her work is nothing short of exceptional. I was super impressed by her intake process, it moved me to rethink the way I represent myself in the market.”

And another client said “Louise obviously knows her stuff and has the ability to turn my ramblings into a coherent, concise record of my abilities and experience.” Read other testimonials from happy clients to see what they say and recommendations on LinkedIn.

What I can say is that most people don’t like writing their CV and so they put it off. Then, they either miss an opportunity or they end up cobbling something together at short notice that they aren’t overly proud of. More importantly, it doesn’t get them the job they want and believe they deserve.

You and your career ambitions are worth more than a cobbled together CV.

I’ve helped dozens of people with their CVs. All of them found the process much easier with some expert advice and experience because it takes the pain away and ensures results.

Why not get in touch and see what a session of career or CV therapy could do for you?

Photo by Ugur Peker on Unsplash

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