CV Tip #2 – A CV is like a shop

Shops sell a lot of things. They have shelves and racks, boxes and storerooms full of things.

What they don’t do is put everything they sell in the window.

Why not? Well, for one, there isn’t space and beyond that practical point, they don’t need to. The job of the shop window is to entice, to get the passer-by interested enough to find out more about what’s inside.

It’s the same with a CV.

A technique I use with clients is to get them to think of their career as a shop, a place filled with all of their skills, experience and potential. They are looking to sell those things to a recruiter. We organize their ‘stock’ and think about what might attract a recruiter. We then create a CV or ‘shop window’ that will attract them.

A good CV isn’t crammed with everything you have ever done or can do. It’s a selection of the most relevant and interesting things about your career that would benefit your new employer.

Like a passer-by, a recruiter doesn’t need or want to see everything you have. If they like what they see in the window – your CV – then they can ask you to show them more in an interview.

If you’d like some advice on how to create an enticing ‘shop window’, then get in touch.


Photo by Kelli Tungay on Unsplash

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