Boost your career confidence

“I want to say thank YOU. You have helped me tremendously. I particularly liked the exercise to record myself in front of the mirror!”

I recently received this feedback from a happy client.

She wasn’t happy a few weeks ago though. She’d been pummelled in relentless rounds of interviews (12 rounds – I ask you!?) and then didn’t get the job. Worse, they took her ideas and didn’t even say thank you.

So, feeling very low, she asked for a pep talk.

I encouraged her to reconnect with her most successful self. We talked about moments when she had soared, was full of confidence and had achieved great things. I then asked her to go and talk to that woman in the mirror.

She blinked. Then she stared at me.

On a roll, I asked her to not only go and talk to that fabulous, happy, successful woman in the mirror, I asked her to record it.

And she did. 

What she found was that my pep talk was helpful. Someone focusing on her strengths, reminding her what she was good at, what she loved.

But her conversation with herself was the most powerful.

She’d never talked to herself that way. Had never heard what she sounded like when her voice filled with confidence and passion lit up her face.

I help all kinds of people with their communication skills – presentations, job interviews, giving feedback – and it’s interesting how many people don’t know what they sound like. And, more so, how many people don’t want to know.

But whilst we can be our own greatest critic, we can also be our greatest fan.

Self-coaching. Free, simple and very, very powerful. 

Why not go and try it? And if you feel you need a pep talk before, then get in touch to start that conversation with your best self.

LinkedIn Louise Newton
Photo by Sharon McCutcheon on Unsplash

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