How sitting around, listening and talking can help you get a better job

A friend was updating me on working for a new client. She said: “He just wants to sit around and talk all day… I keep thinking ‘Shouldn’t we be getting some work done?’”

It made me smile and I responded: “That is work. I sit around, listen and talk to people – it’s called being a sounding board.”

Making and taking time to talk, to listen, to share ideas, to process, to develop – all of these things are “working”.

In my experience, people underestimate the value of sitting around, listening and talking, but it’s a fundamental part of how I help people move forward in their careers. It never ceases to surprise me how little time people allow themselves just to ‘think and reflect’ on their past, present and future when considering their career options.

So, go on. Take some time to think. You and your career deserve it. Are you happy with your career? Are you where you want to be? And if not, where would you like to be?

And when you’re done and you want to find out how sitting around, listening and talking can help you progress with your career, get in touch.

LinkedIn Louise Newton
Photo Official on Unsplash

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