About Me

My name is Louise Newton and I run Career + CV Therapy.

I’ve had my own career changes. I started in the arts and heritage, moved to event management and then into HR and talent development. Finally, I retrained and focused on organisational culture, people productivity and workplace happiness.

I’ve worked for Goldman Sachs, The Economist, London Underground, Trayport, Arts Council Wales, the British Museum, Schroder’s, the Mayor of London, Harpal Clinic, D&AD and the Booker Prize and, as a result, I’ve gained diverse experience across different sectors, sizes and types of organisations and with a broad spectrum of people.

As an independent consultant, I’ve spent the last six years coaching people to be happier and more effective at work.  I help them identify what they are good at and how to enjoy what they do. As a large and enjoyable part of my work has been helping clients find roles and environments that work for them, I decided to launch Career + CV Therapy.

If you would like to be happier at work or explore new horizons, why not get in touch for an introductory chat and see where a session of Career + CV Therapy can take you?

Email louise@careertherapy.co.uk
Twitter @cvtherapyuk