Below you’ll see what happy clients say about what we’ve achieved together creating or updating their CVs.  We hope their words show you what some Career + CV Therapy could do for you.

Jane, Digital Producer
I really needed someone to look at how I present myself, on paper, to people I don’t know when applying for jobs.  Before I worked with Louise, I didn’t realise how uninformative my very simple CV was.

We worked to add sections introducing clearly what I do and have done.  We expanded each job so that I was actually clear about what I’d delivered and where.  And added competencies and deliverables.

I learned not to assume people would know what I’d done just because the next job I was applying for was in the same industry I already work in. I now have a CV that doesn’t make me cringe.

Jair, Engineer
CV Therapy was very helpful and I was surprised how much we achieved in such a short time.  Louise helped me restructure and edit my CV to make it clearer and stronger.  She challenged me to really focus on the important points and together we turned my CV from a list of what I’d done into an explanation of what I have to offer.

I’d highly recommend CV Therapy.  I learned a lot about what I’m good at and what I want from my career. I now feel more optimistic about my future.

Jeremy, Group Financial Controller
Amazing, efficient, professional service. Louise obviously knows her stuff and has the ability to turn my ramblings into a coherent, concise record of my abilities and experience. Even after spending weeks on my CV and producing something I thought was more than sufficient, she still managed to significantly improve it. I couldn’t recommend her highly enough.

Liz, Live Event Producer
As part of our career change sessions, Louise helped me put together a new CV – something I hadn’t done in over a decade. It was an eye-opener how much things had changed and what employer expectations are now.  It helped that Louise has worked freelance and made the same move herself, from in-house to freelance.

Nick, Commercial Manager
I was impressed with the level of professionalism, knowledge and enthusiasm shown by Louise when she helped compile and update my CV. Without her assistance, I would not have had the opportunity to change jobs and move my career forward.